Are You Sick Of Running AdWords And Seeing Little Or No Results?

It doesn't matter if you have a £10/day or a £100/day budget, ask anyone and they'll tell you that AdWords just isn't delivering the results it once did. 

Have you been trying endlessly to make AdWords work for your business, but haven't had any luck? The problem is that most people are running Adwords campaign the wrong way!

And you're not alone...It's OK, because it's not your fault. There is a lot of misinformation about how to run a profitable AdWords campaign.

FACT: For every $1 spent on Google AdWords, the average business generates $4 in revenue.

If you are not getting a positive ROI from your AdWords campaign, it means that there is something wrong in the way the campaign is being run.

Well, I've been where you are now. Which is why I created this brand new video course called 'AdWords Ninja'. Over 40 high-quality bite-sized videos which you can watch anywhere & anytime from whichever device you like i.e, mobile, laptop, tablet or a computer.

Imagine finally feeling great about the way you setup & run an AdWords campaign. This video course will help you cut out all the wasted budget so your ads run longer in front of the right audience and more of the budget is allocated towards the high-converting keywords, giving you more leads & sales.

In this Video Course video course, you will learn how to:  

How to set up a campaign the right way so that you get a positive ROI.

  • How to set up Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) to increase Quality Score & reduce CPC.

  • How to write Ads creatively. 

  • What is a Dynamic Landing Page and how it inserts any keyword on your landing page to increase relevancy?

  • What are 'Goals' & 'Conversions' and why you 'must' set them up.
  • The only 3 AdWords metrics you need to worry about!

  • What is Frontend / Backend profits?

  • The only 3 AdWords metrics you need to worry about!

  • How to set up Call Conversion Tracking so you can track every telephone call.

  • What is the difference between Keywords v Search Term Query?
  • What is Quality Score and how you can see it?
  • How does Google calculate your CPC?

  • How to rank Above Your Competitors and pay up to 4x less CPC!

  • How to Keyword Research the right way.

  • What are the 5 different Types Of Keywords and how to use them.

  • What is an Alpha/Beta campaign and why the professionals use this?

  • How to create & apply Labels & Filters.
  • Walkthrough of the brand new Adwords Interface.
  • How to use the Adwords Editor so that you cut your workflow by up to 60%.

  • Learn the weekly Optimisation Workflow to turbocharge your campaigns.

  • How to use Automation so you don't have to do the heavy lifting!

  • How to set up campaigns using Excel and speed up your workflow.

  • How to allocate Budgets.

  • How Maximise Profits for your campaigns.

  • and Soooo Much Much More... 

In the past, these videos were only meant for our internal usage at our agency to train the staff, but now I'm making it available to you.

So now you don't have to go it alone and struggle with AdWords!

Start to get Leads & Sales profitably.

Save Time & Money with advanced workflows.

Avoid potentially Rookie & Embarrassing Mistakes.

Start to get Leads & Sales profitably.

Become a Hero at your company by being the guy (or gal)
who Finally makes AdWords work!

Go from a Loss Making campaign to a Profitable One.

Convert those Clicks into leads & sales.

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Ad Extensions

    • Callout Extension

    • Sitelink Extension

    • Structured Snippet

    • Call Extension

    • Price Extension

  • 3

    Ad Groups & Ad Set up (Search Ads)

    • Ad Group Set up Tutorial

  • 4


  • 5

    Alpha / Beta Campaigns

  • 6

    Adwords Editor - The Goto Tool For Ninjas!

    • Editor Overview

    • How To Set Up A Campaign

    • Ad Groups & Keywords Set Up

    • Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAGs)

    • How To Set Up A Campaign From Excel

    • How To Add Different Keyword Match Types In SKAGs

    • How To GET & POST Your Campaign

    • How To Make Multiple Changes By Copy / Paste

  • 7


    • Increase Conversions By Optimising Budget

  • 8

    Call Ads

    • Call Only Ads

  • 9

    Campaign Set Up

    • Campaign Setup

    • Location Bids

  • 10

    Conversions & Goals

    • What Are Goals & Conversions?

    • The Only 3 AdWords Metrics You Should Focus On...

    • Frontend & Backend Profits

    • How To See Your Conversion In AdWords

    • How To Set Up Conversion Tracking

    • Conversions v All Conversions

    • Call Conversions

  • 11

    Google Analytics

  • 12

    Google Display Network (GDN)

  • 13

    Gmail Ads

    • Introduction

    • Gmail Metrics

    • 8 Gmail Targeting Methods

    • How To Set Up Gmail Ads Campaign

    • How To Set Up Gmail Ads Ad Group

    • Create Your Gmail Image Ad

    • Create Your Gmail Video Ad

    • Targeting: Customer Match Audience

    • Targeting: Affinity Audience

    • Targeting: In Market Audience

    • 8 Ways To Optimise Gmail Ads

  • 14


  • 15


    • What Are Labels?

    • How To Create Labels

    • How To Apply & Filter Labels

  • 16

    Landing Pages

  • 17


    • How To Calculate Max. Cost-Per-Acquisition

    • 5 Deadly Google AdWords Mistakes To Avoid.

    • How To Create Custom Columns

    • AdWords Preview & Diagnosis Tool

    • Google AdWords Click Fraud

    • Reporting

    • How To Calculate Your ROI, Projections & KPIs

  • 18

    Optimisation Workflow

  • 19


    • How To Create YouTube Remarketing Lists in AdWords

  • 20

    YouTube - Video Ads

    • Intro

    • How To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing

    • Set Up YouTube Account

    • Set up AdWords

    • Link AdWords to YouTube

    • Link Google Analytics

    • Set Up Conversion Tracking

    • Set Up Video Remarketing List

    • Set Up Google AdWords Remarketing Tag

    • Set Up Your 1st Video Campaign

    • Set Up AdGroup & Targeting

    • Creating Ads

    • Targeting Options

    • Targeting: Affinity Audience

    • Targeting: Custom Affinity Audience

    • Targeting: In-Market Audience

    • Targeting: Life Events

    • Targeting: Remarketing

    • Targeting: Upload LinkedIn List

    • Targeting: Placements

    • Targeting: Negative Placements

    • Targeting: Topics

    • Targeting:Topic+KW

    • Campaign Results

    • Campaign Optimisation

    • Analyse Data Using Excel

    • Google Data Studio

    • Conclusion

  • 21


About The Instructor

Google AdWords Strategist

Uzair Kharawala

I am a Certified Google Partner. I run a digital marketing agency SF Digital Studios in the UK. I've presented seminars, workshops and have been a keynote speaker for many events for major brands. I would like to personally invite you to join me in learning how to create, manage & optimise your Google Ads campaigns.

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