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Would you like to get 100% confident in running Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Remarketing Ads, Display Ads & more to get great results for yourself or your client?

Well, then you are in the right place. Google Ads Like A Boss is a 'Transformational' program that will change the way you run Google Ads in 6 just weeks. 

  • Save you hundreds if not thousands of $$$ of the wasted ad budget.
  • Get you to master Google Ads with some of the most advanced strategies no one is teaching.
  • Give you the confidence to get new clients and build your business.

The 'Hybrid Evergreen' Program

Transform Your Google Ads In Just 6 Weeks!

Google Ads Like A Boss is a combination of online course & live coaching calls with no start or end date. You can join in any time you like. Learn at your own pace in our content portal and join up to 4 weekly 'live coaching calls' to ask any questions, troubleshoot your campaigns, join the discussion. With the use of 'group dynamics', it allows members to learn from each other as well as from the program content itself. You also get access to a private Facebook group as part of this programme. The 'hybrid evergreen' model allows you to become the apex predator.

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How It Works

Once you join in, you will get access to a wide range of videos. You won't be asked to go through all of them and spend most of the time just watching them. Instead, the thing you'll be asked to do is to plan a '6-Week Transformational' schedule to take you from your current state to where you want to be. You watch the videos, join in the coaching calls and make your transformation to master Google Ads.

What's Included...

Here are the list of items included.

  • Over 300+ video tutorials

  • 4 x Weekly Live Coaching Calls

  • Lifetime Access

  • Templates / Worksheets

  • Search, Display & Video Ads

  • Access to private Facebook Group

  • Google Adwords Ninja (Bonus)

  • GDN Like A Boss (Bonus)

  • Video Marketing Ninja (Bonus)

  • Google Ads Editor Like A Boss (Bonus)

Expert Training Trusted By Major Brands

We are proud to have been an 'Evangelist' for Nikon UK and have provided training, seminars & workshops at major events in the UK & Europe including at Apple's flagship UK store in London.

Program Curriculum

Here's what is included in the program

  • 1

    1. Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome

    • Never Stop & Give Up

    • About Us

    • Google Accounts-HB

    • The 6-Week Gameplan

    • Facebook Group

    • Meeting Link & Times

  • 2

    2. KPIs & Projections

    • Cost Per Acquisition

    • Value Per Lead

    • Customer Lifetime V

    • Google Sheet

  • 3

    3. Setup Conversion Tracking

    • 3.1. Intro-HB

    • 3.2 Conversion Tracking-HB - Forms

    • 3.3 Calls from Ads-HB

    • 3.4 Calls from Website-HB

    • 3.5 Conversion Attribution-HB

    • 3.6 Conversion Google Analytics-HB

  • 4

    4. Workflow & Tasks

    • 4.1 Intro-HB

    • 4.3 Weekly Tasks-HB

    • 4.4 Monthly Tasks-HB

    • 4.2 Daily Tasks-HB

    • 4.5 One Off Tasks-HB

  • 5

    5. Search Campaign

    • Account Structure Hierarchy

    • 5.1 Keyword Research-HB

    • Campaign Builder Google Sheet

    • Uploads

    • Setup

    • Editor

    • Campaign by Devices

    • 5 Ways To Improve Google Ads Performance

  • 6

    6. Dynamic Search Ads

    • 6.1 What Are DSAs-HB

    • 6.2 DSA Campaign Setup-HB

  • 7

    7. Google Analytics

    • 7.1.1 Create Google Analytics Account

    • 7.1 Link GA to GAds-HB

    • 7.2 - Goals Overview-HB

    • 7.3 Goals-Value-HB

    • 7.4. Goals 2+ mins:session-HB

    • 7.5 Goals 4+ mins:sesssion-HB

    • 7.6 Goals 8+ mins session

    • 7.7 Goals 2 pages session-HB

    • 7.8 Goal 4+ pages session-HB

    • 7.9 Goals - 8+ pages session-HB

    • 7.10 Goal - Thank you-HB

    • 7.11 Audiences

    • 7.13 Site Abandon - 15 days-HB

    • 7.12 Site Abandon - 3 days

    • 7.14 Site Abandon - 30 days-HB

    • 7.15 Bouncers-HB

  • 8

    8. Google Tag Manager

    • 8.1 Intro-HB

    • 8.2 Tag Assistant-HB

    • 8.3 GTM Account Setup-HB

    • 8.4 Giving Access-HB

    • 8.4A Preview-HB

    • 8.5 Tag Overview-HB

    • 8.6 Variables-HB

    • 8.7 Triggers Pageview-HB

    • 8.8 Install GTM on Website-HB

    • 8.9 Install Google Analytics-HB

    • 8.10 Google Ads Conversion Tracking-HB

    • 8.11 Google Ads Remarketing Setup-HB

    • 8.12 Twitter-HB

    • 8.13 LinkedIn-HB

    • 8.14 Google Search Console-HB

    • 8.15 Pinterest-HB

    • 8.16 Optimize-HB

    • 8.17 Quora-HB

    • 8.17 Reddit-HB

  • 9

    9. Asana Workflow

    • 9.1 Asana Overview-HB

    • 9.4 Monthly Tasks-HB

    • 9.3 Weekly Tasks-HB

    • 9.2 Daily Tasks-HB

    • One-Off Setups-HB

  • 10

    Bidding Strategies

    • Smart Bidding Intro

    • Manual CPC

    • tCPA

    • tROAS

    • Maximize Clicks

    • Maximize Conversions

    • Maximize Conversion Value

    • Target Impression Share

    • eCPC Manual Bid

  • 11

    10. YouTube Ads

    • Video Ads Overview

    • Link YouTube To Google Ads

    • Types Of Video Ads

    • Equipment & Apps

    • How To Write Your Video Scripts

    • Examples Of Ads

    • How To Create Your 1st Video Ads Campaign

    • Advanced Video Ads Campaign Setup

    • Audiences - Website Visitors

    • Audiences - Video Viewers

    • Audiences - Customer List

    • Audiences - Custom Audiences

    • Placement Exclusions

    • How To Exclude Kids Channels / Videos

    • Targeting Options

    • Batch Video Recording Workflow

    • How To Use Pivot Tables

  • 12

    Business Growth Planning

    • Master Worksheet

    • The Big 3 Planning Worksheet

    • Customer Avatar - Part 1

    • Customer Avatar - Part 2

    • Customer Value Journey - Part 1

    • Customer Value Journey - Part 2

    • Customer Value Journey - Part 3

    • Core Message

Bonus Material

  • Bonus material

    You get the worksheets / PDFs, etc. to help you build your Google Ads campaigns faster.

  • No Time Limits

    There are no time limits on this course. You get access to the courses & the online coaching calls forever!

  • Private Facebook Group

    You get access to our private Facebook Group with like-minded fellow professionals, marketers & business owners.

Are You Looking For...

All these benefits in one affordable programme.

  • Transform your Google Ads campaign in just 6 weeks

  • The very best training & coaching for Google Ads?

  • You want to master Google Ads

  • Lack of confidence stopping you getting new paying clients

  • Want to charge more for your Google Ads services

  • Develop your skills & mindset

  • Optimise workflow processes & systems

  • You need a mentor or a coach


Google AdWords Strategist

Uzair Kharawala

I am a Certified Google Partner. I run a digital marketing agency SF Digital Studios in the UK. I've presented seminars, workshops and have been a keynote speaker for many events for major brands. I would like to personally invite you to join me in learning how to create, manage & optimise your Google Ads campaigns.


Farzana Kharawala

Farzana is a specialist in workflows & systms. She has worked on major advertising campaigns & project management for brands like Unilever, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Orange, Van den Bergh Foods and many others.

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  • Who is this coaching programme for?

    It is for anyone wishing to improve Google Ads / Digital Marketing. You can be a beginner or someone who wishes to take their skillset to the next level. Ideal for any professional, business owner, freelancer, or in-house marketing team.

  • How long is this course ?

    There is no time limit. Once you join in, you are in forever.

  • Will I be able to keep up with the pace on the course?

    Everyone works & learns at their own pace. You do not need to worry about this. You go at a pace of learning which is comfortable for you.

  • Is this programme just for Google Ads?

    Yes. We only focus on Google Ads which also includes YouTube Ads. However, you will get an overview of other digital marketing strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

  • How does the Live Coaching call happen?

    We have 4 coaching calls per week to suit your schedule & time zone. The calls are over Google Meet. They are informal & friendly. You join the discussion, troubleshoot problems and learn from other like-minded professionals & business owners.

  • Can I join the programme even if I am a complete beginner to Google Ads?

    Yes. We have a step-by-step structure to the course

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