If you are struggling to drive targeted traffic to your website or if your Google Search campaigns or any other campaigns are getting too expensive, then you need to look at GDN for an unlimited amount of high-quality converting traffic.

GDN is unlike any other network where you can leverage the power of Google to reach almost 84% of the internet traffic.

This video course consists of 37 bite-sized tutorial videos and you watch over my shoulder how to create a campaign, ad group, ads and more. By the end of it (which will take you under 3 hours) you will be able to run a GDN campaign Like A Boss!

GDN helps you reach your ideal audience while they are browsing on the internet, watching a YouTube video or checking their Gmail account on their smartphone or computers.

Google Display Network, also known as the GDN, is a goldmine for high volume high-quality traffic whether you are running a lead-generation or a shopping campaign.

GDN allows you to reach your audience at a fraction of the cost, compared to the Google Search Network and is ideal for any sized business. 

Google Display Network is one of my favourite ways to drive traffic for my business to generate leads and new customers. Here's a screenshot of my account where I'm generating leads for as little as £5.67 each in a very highly competitive niche i.e Google Ads!

It also helps with pushing my audience further down the funnel by retargeting them all over the internet.

I share the exact strategies, tips & workflows which I use for my own campaigns in easy to follow bite-sized videos.

This is not a theoretical course. It mostly consists of tutorial walk-throughs in Google Ads to set up the GDN campaigns.

By the end of the course, you would have fully understood all aspects of Google Display Network and run campaigns which give you a positive ROI or ROAS.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from the instructor

    • Results

    • Resources & GDN Campaign Builder Template

  • 2


    • Campaign Setup

    • Responsive Display Ads (RDA)

    • Display Image Ads

    • Smart Display Campaigns

    • Bidding Strategies

  • 3


    • Keywords

    • Topic

    • Affinity

    • Custom Intent Audience (CIA)

    • Custom Affinity Audience (CAA)

    • Targeting / Observation

    • Demographics

    • In-Market Audience

    • Placements

    • Negative Placements

    • Life Events

  • 4


    • Remarketing

  • 5

    Advanced GDN Targeting

    • Setting GDN Campaign Like A Ninja!

    • Ninja Campaign Builder

    • Life Events + Keywords

    • Affinity + Keywords

    • In-Market + Keywords

    • Google Ads Editor

  • 6

    Upload Campaigns To Google Ads

    • Google Ads Editor

    • Upload Campaign: Keyword + Topic

    • Upload Campaign: Life Events + Keywords

    • Upload Campaign: Affinity + Keywords

    • Upload Campaign: In-Market + Keyword

  • 7


    • Micro & Macro Conversions

    • Stop Ads On Mobile Apps

    • Devices

    • Ad Schedule

    • All Conversions & Conversions

  • 8

    Thank You

    • Thank You

About the instructor

Google AdWords Strategist

Uzair Kharawala

I am a Certified Google Partner. I run a digital marketing agency SF Digital Studios in the UK. I've presented seminars, workshops and have been a keynote speaker for many events for major brands. I would like to personally invite you to join me in learning how to create, manage & optimise your Google Ads campaigns.