The ultimate video marketing course to help you go from 0 to 1,000 subscribers and beyond in 90 days. Learn cutting-edge video marketing tips to get more views, grow your YouTube audience, increase engagement, watch time & rankings on Google & YouTube to generate more leads & sales.

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone with a new or small YouTube channel who wants to get started with video marketing and has not leveraged the power of YouTube and Google to generate subscribers, leads & sales.

What Will I Learn?

  • A complete system for organic & paid video marketing on YouTube & Google.

  • Cutting edge video marketing strategies which you won’t find on any other online course

  • How to organise & create a scalable video marketing system & plan.

  • How to set up your YouTube channel

  • How to keyword research to target low competition keywords/phrases to get your videos ranked in YouTube & Google.

  • How to optimise your videos for SEO

  • What equipment / apps / software to use

  • How to shoot videos with a smartphone or a DSLR

  • How to drive & convert traffic from your videos into email subscribers.

  • How to create a sales funnel and an email automation system which runs on auto-pilot

  • How to create a workflow for video content creation, production & syndication to promote your videos.

  • How to hire freelancers to scale your video marketing content creation & promotions.

  • How to use Google AdWords for video ads and promoting your YouTube channel & videos.

Course Curriculum

  • 2


    • Desktop Folder

    • Google Drive

    • Trello

  • 3

    Setting Up YouTube

  • 4

    Keyword Research

  • 5


    • Topic

    • Keyword

    • Search

    • Optimize

  • 6

    Tube Buddy

    • Intro

    • Walkthrough

    • VMN-Tube Buddy-03 Installation

    • Endscreens

    • Cards

    • Embed

  • 7


    • Canva

  • 8

    Sales & Email Automation

  • 9


  • 10

    Hiring Your Team

    • Intro

    • Lastpass

    • Communications Tools

    • Workflow Tools

    • How To Hire

    • How to post a job

    • Filter the applicants

    • How to send job instructions

    • Video Jargons

    • Conclusion

  • 11

    Paid Ads

    • Intro

    • Set Up YT Account

    • Set Up AdWords

    • Link AdWords to YT

    • Link Google Analytics

    • Conversion Tracking

    • Set up video remarketing list

    • How To Set Up Google AdWords Remarketing Tag

    • Set up video campaign

    • AdGroup & Targeting

    • Creating Ads

    • Targeting Options - Affinity

    • 13 Targeting Custom Affinity

    • Targeting-In Market

    • Targeting-Life Events

    • Targeting-Remarketing

    • LinkedIn

    • Placements

    • Negative Placements

    • Targeting Topics

    • Targeting: Topic+Keyword

    • Results

    • Optimisation

    • Excel

    • Google Data Studio

    • Conclusion

  • 12


    • 1000 Kids YouTube Channel To Avoid Wasting Budget

    • Interview: Improve Your Presenting Skills

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About The Instructor

Google AdWords Strategist

Uzair Kharawala

I am a Certified Google Partner. I run a digital marketing agency SF Digital Studios in the UK. I've presented seminars, workshops and have been a keynote speaker for many events for major brands. I would like to personally invite you to join me in learning how to create, manage & optimise your Google Ads campaigns.

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